Birds are the vibrant melodies of our landscapes, signalling the health of our environment. Unfortunately, our precious bird species face numerous threats, from climate change to habitat loss.

Nearly 1 in 6 Australian bird species are now threatened with extinction.

But with your support, we can prevent the songs of the bush from falling silent forever.

Meet Dr. Courtney Melton, Woodland Bird Ecologist

Hi, I'm Dr. Courtney Melton, a Woodland Bird Ecologist at Bush Heritage Australia. Alongside Dr. Daniella Teixeira, we're leading a groundbreaking project that explores ecoacoustics – the study of ecological soundscapes – to monitor Australia’s woodland bird communities on our reserves.

Dr. Daniella Teixeira checking an acoustic monitoring device. Photo: Eliza Herbert.

Dr. Daniella Teixeira checking an acoustic monitoring device. Photo: Eliza Herbert.

Why Your Support Matters

Systematic, long-term monitoring of birds is essential to their survival. By tracking population trends, we identify species of concern and measure the effectiveness of our conservation programs. Your donation supports vital programs and research to help habitats adapt to the pressures of land clearing, invasive species, and climate change.

Our Mission: Preserving Precious Landscapes

Located on Bidjara Country in Queensland, our Carnarvon Station Reserve is home to over 190 animal species, including threatened birds like the Glossy Black-Cockatoo and Squatter Pigeon. With ecoacoustic monitoring, we can preserve this precious landscape and its species by understanding their environment and responses to conservation efforts.

Dr. Courtney Melton.

Dr. Courtney Melton, Woodland Bird Ecologist.

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About Bush Heritage

Bush Heritage Australia is a leading not-for-profit conservation organisation protecting ecosystems and wildlife across the continent.

We’re grounded in science and culture to protect and heal Country forever. We’re on the ground, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the agricultural sector to deliver landscape-scale impact.

*Main image above: Red-capped Robin. Photo: Claire Greenwell.

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