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We have amazing news! Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we have now purchased the Dodgey Downs property on Goreng-Noongar Country, southwest WA. That means we can start work to transform this property with a funny name into its natural glory and reconnect crucial wildlife corridors.   

We’ll help bring back a place where the Ngoolark (Carnaby's Cockatoo) can sing, and the Noolbenger (Honey Possum) can find the sweetest nectar. Where Gnow (Malleefowl) can build their nests, and Western Pygmy Possums can find refuge. 

This is a huge milestone for us at Bush Heritage, having the opportunity to increase our impact across another 762-hectares – and in a global biodiversity hotspot. It’s a win for the environment, and a win for every Australian who cares about protecting it.

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Thank you so much to everyone who donated and supported our efforts - this isn’t possible without you.  

Even though we’ve now purchased Dodgey Downs, there’s still time to donate to help us transform this property into a thriving nature reserve and support this kind of work across the continent. Every day, we’re on the ground observing nature’s call, healing wounded landscapes, and planting seeds for the future.   

Your donation will not only enable work on Dodgey Downs, it will also go directly to our critical conservation work right around Australia – improving wildlife habitat, protecting endangered species, and scientific research that is crucial to protect nature into the future. It’s critical we do what we can to care for nature, because nature cares for us. 

About Bush Heritage

Bush Heritage Australia is a leading not-for-profit conservation organisation protecting ecosystems and wildlife across the continent.

We’re grounded in science and culture to protect and heal Country forever. We’re on the ground, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the agricultural sector to deliver landscape-scale impact.

Main image above: Honey possum on revegetated bush at Monjebup Reserve. Photo by Kieran MacFarlane.

Our secure payment gateway charges a discounted rate of just 0.65% plus 26 cents per successful transaction.

See our annual Impact Report for details of how donations are spent, including accounts from several on-ground projects and detailed financial statements.

Yes. You’ll need a biller code and unique customer reference number (CRN). Existing supporters may find this on documentation from us, or contact us for these details.

Yes, if you’re an existing supporter (so we have your details to send a receipt).

Financial Institution: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Bank Branch: Hobart
Account Name: Bush Heritage Australia
BSB Number: 067-000
Account Number: 1006 0311
Reference (so we can track it): Full name or supporter ID (if known).

We aim to raise the full purchase price via this appeal. If we exceed our target, the additional funds will be untied and directed toward the critical conservation work we do across the country.

We have a small emergency fund that we can use to make up the difference in the scenario that we don't reach our target, but it’s important for us not to use this unless absolutely necessary, as this fund provides an important safety net for critical operations such as unexpected fire management and other disasters. Our supporters recognise a rare and special opportunity such as this, and we are feeling confident about how the fundraising is going so far.

We cannot say definitively whether public access to the property would be allowed at this point. It can take a long time to ensure sufficient infrastructure is present on the property to support public access but I’m sure it would be discussed once Bush Heritage has become established there. In the meantime, you can see other reserves which are open to the public on our website.

Once your initial gift is processed your ongoing donations will be debited monthly on either the 1st or 15th (or nearest business day), depending on the date of your initial gift.

If you’ve made a one-off donation, you’ll be sent a receipt shortly after. If you’re making automatic monthly donations from your bank account or credit card you’ll get a consolidated tax receipt at the end of the financial year.

Yes - leave the person’s name in the ‘Comments’ field. If you’re arranging group donations, contact us if we can help (e.g. envelopes for the funeral or acknowledgement for next of kin).

There’s lots of flexibility in how you can structure a gift in your Will. See see our Gifts in Wills page or contact us on 1300 628 873 anytime.

Yes. We can accept shares directly without brokerage fees. If your shares exceed $50, you can also give without brokerage through ShareGift Australia. We can suggest a range of independent financial advisors. Contact us to discuss.

Yes, you can donate on behalf of someone in leiu of birthday or wedding gifts. Please include the person’s name in the ‘Comments’ field. If you’re organising a celebration yourself and asking for donations in lieu of gifts, it’s easiest to set up a free, personal fundraising page at GoFundraise. Choose us as your nominated charity!

Yes, all gifts over $2 are tax deductible for Australian residents. If you are a US or UK resident, you can also make a tax deductible donation. See below question for more details.

US residents can make tax-deductible donations at Friends of Bush Heritage. UK residents can do so through the Wilderness Foundation.

We accept donations in accordance with our Gift Acceptance Policy and may at times decline gifts from organisations or individuals not aligned with our values.

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